Sensory toy donation to Haven House Children’s Hospice

sparkleThe Hackett Foundation is pleased to be able to donate a Sparkle Flex Harness to the Haven House Children’s Hospice. Haven House’s Jan Cunningham said:

“Our children have severe disabilities and sensory toys can open up a new world to them… be it bright lights, vibrating massage toys or sensory fibre optic equipment. Sensory fibre optic equipment offers a safe way to get light close to a child; as it is safe to touch and handle.

Having the right kind of sensory toys for our children is very important for their development. Sensory toys help them to gain a measure of control over their environment. They help them to work on their hand-to-eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills and social interaction.

I have seen this at first hand… a child with poor sight pulling the toy to their eye that has sight; a smile came over their face as well of that of the mother. The joy that these toys bring to families is priceless. Sensory toys can be very expensive and many families cannot afford the cost of them; so they really appreciate our Toy Home Loan Co-ordinators visiting and bringing these toys into their home for their children.

Sensory toys have a special place for our special children. They face many challenges and the toys that we loan out  go a long way toward assisting both the child and their loved ones… be it a parent or carer of the child; and when used in the home, these sensory toys can help to extend each child’s learning potential even more.”

As always, the Hackett Trust is happy to help where we can, and we welcome applications from similar institutions for donations.