Applying for a grant

The Hackett Trust accepts applications from any group, organisation or institution that works with disadvantaged, disabled, ill or abused children in England. Grants are never given in cash but always in the form of toys, books, educational or comfort aids, play equipment or areas. Grants are usually circa £1000-1500 in value, although we are open to requests for larger items should there be a particular need. The Foundation particularly welcomes applications from organisations, groups or institutions that do not have their own full-time fund-raising staff.

Applications should consist of an introductory email including:

  • The name and location of the group, organisation or institution (including charity commission number if applicable);
  • The way in which the group, organisation or institution works with or helps children that fit the description below;
  • A brief description of the items you would like the Hackett Foundation to provide and an explantion detailing how many children would be able to use them;
  • A brief explanation giving the background of your group, organisation or institution including date of foundation and explaining how you ensure that your work is sustainable, including a brief outline of plans for the future